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It's kind of a hobby... seeing how deep I can
dive into the sea of information we
are all sinking in. Woosh


(1887) Nothing says "family time" like getting around the fire (they didnt have TVs or PCs back then, OK?) and signing up a promise for everyone not to drink. Every last one of us, even little Johnny. Added to that but we promise to make the lives of anyone else who drinks living hell. Oh yeah! Thats the way to do it!

The text typed out for easy reading:

Family Temperance Pledge
Temperance Leads to Virtue & Happiness.
Intemperance Tends to Poverty and Ruin.
"Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is decieved thereby is not wise."

We the undersigned Family of ________ Agree with each other that we will not Buy, Sell or Use intoxicating Liquors as a beverage and will use our Best Endeavors to Qurtail and Prevent the Sale and use of the Same by others.


I can't get enough of the details on this. Don't drink and life is easy-street, drink and everything goes to crap. Nice! If I had a printer I would so print this out and get all my friends to sign it and put it up on my wall, and then have a bigass wild drinking party because I'm that immature! ha-ha OK, I guess that means you have an assignment.

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