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It's kind of a hobby... seeing how deep I can
dive into the sea of information we
are all sinking in. Woosh

tokio nurseries Wednesday, August 26, 2009 |

I was browsing through old American horticultural magazines from over a 100 years ago (this one featured here was from 1896!) Yup, I do odd things with my free time. I was collecting old diagrams of rare plant species. Uh huh. So anyway, I was flipping through the back ads, giggling at the people of long ago. And I stumbled on an ad for "Tokyo Nurseries" and it caught my eye. For you it's a quaint old ad for bulbs and seeds that uses the modern spelling for Tokyo, and the old spelling Tokio. But for me, I find it odd that the address (scant that it might be) is literally *walking distance* from where I sit right now. I could get up and go find this company. Well, if I had a temporal displacement device, because somehow I think they are long gone. Curious random world.